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We're honored that so many writers have allowed us to be part of their writing journey. See a long list of glowing student testimonials below. You can also see our blog for a list of recent student publications. And, if you're looking for a class in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, screenwriting, writing for children, or publishing, we've got you covered.

"Publishing class with Jill Talbot was amazing. Chock-a-block with useful, practical, real-world tips.  She also gave us a look behind the scenes at what editors look for.  Can't wait to use all her resources!  And, Jill was fun, funny and warm. Really, what more can you ask for?"

"My mentorship with Chloe Caldwell was truly my greatest workshopping experience yet. As a professional copywriter, essay writing has become a passion project I do on the side for my own fun, and hadn't much considered publishing until Chloe gave me the confidence to pitch to my dream publication—and they took it!  From her extensive and wildly helpful in-line edits to just chatting on the phone about my seemingly endless ideas, Chloe's mentorship has left me a better, more confident, and more inspired writer. Run! Don't! walk! to sign up for her next mentorship."

"One of the more creative workshops I have ever taken. Amber Sparks really got me to think in different and creative ways. It was the right class at the right time for me."

"Chaitali Sen's class on revision exceeded my expectations. It was one of the best courses I've ever taken and I found the class and material to be invaluable. I would highly recommend this class."

"I really enjoyed Amber Sparks' workshop on Fractured Narrative! Great list of possible approaches to non-linear story-telling with helpful references to specific author's works as examples. Good exercises. Really enjoyed the chat input from other attendees as well. Great value for the price."

"The 3-Week Query Course with literary agent Christopher Hermelin is well worth the time and money. You can go through book after book about how to get published, but nothing can compare with a professional agent providing up-to-date information on what is expected from queries right now. Mr. Hermelin gave a simple but streamline structure that was a game changer for my query. He also offers precisely what you can't get anywhere else--live feedback on your and your classmates' queries. My advice: pay as much attention to the advice he gives others as he gives you. By the end, you will be light years ahead of where you started."

"I loved Chaitali Sen's class on revision. It was wonderful! Organized, thoughtful and she gave us a rigorous and thoughtful approach to revision that focuses on refining our core ideas/themes. I loved the hand outs and activities!"

"I've had all good experiences during my journey with Writing Workshops, which started a year ago. The 3-month mentorship program, with Chloe Caldwell, was incredible. Chloe met me where I was in my writing and over the course of 3 months, I can see the takeaway and how I have grown. She was always an email away to answer questions, provide prompts, and suggest readings or magazines to look into. The line-edits on my submissions were thorough and the feedback encouraging. Thank you for this class!"

"The One-on-One Nonfiction Mentorship with Lisa Levy exceeded my expectations.Lisa's editorial suggestions are insightful and her willingness toprovide counsel is what I appreciated the most."

"The Graphic Novel & Comics workshop with Varud Gupta exceeded my expectations. It was so beneficial to talk about other people's work, and to give and receive feedback. The exercises where we drew other peoples comics was great. For me personally, I found learning about themes was really useful in improving my work. And, it was good that the classes were scheduled for a time that I could come to them even though I live in Australia."

"I loved the How to Write a Novel in 6 Weeks workshop with Dana De Greff. She was a font of knowledge and really gave tips and practical exercises to make writing a novel a real thing I can accomplish. Demystified this daunting idea and I feel good about moving forward."

"Elissa Bassist's How to Write a Tragicomic Memoir class was SO, SO GOOD!!!! By far, my favorite ever of the many many I have taken with Catapult, Grubstreet, Porch, CFF, and Big compliments! Thank you!!! Learned a lot and was furiously taking down notes; what marvelous advice and stories you have. Can't wait to read HYSTERICAL and the books that will come after that."

"I just finished Chloe Caldwell's Carving out Space in the Literary World seminar— incredible. Andreal. This is one of the most refreshing moments/conversations/classes Ihave experienced in a while, so thank you."

"I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed Chloe Caldwell's Carving out Space in the Literary World seminar.  It was incredibly helpful--one of the best I've ever attended!"

"Chloe Caldwell's Carving out Space in the Literary World seminar was exceptional in every possible way. I am still processing it all."

"I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for the Publishing in Literary Journals to Launch Your Career workshop. As an on-demand video course, I found it to be both inspiring and also chock-full of useful, practical advice. That combination was exactly what I needed. The concept that one should shoot for 100 rejections a year is sort of a game-changer in terms of the way I approach submissions.  Thanks again and I definitely plan to sign up for more workshops going forward."

"Jenny Bhatt's Magical Realism workshop exceeded my expectations. Ifound her individualized feedback the most valuable. I would highlyrecommend this workshop!"

"After your Chloe Caldwell's Carving Out Space seminar, I felt so inspired to write. I finally started writing in my journal last night and it was very freeing. She really broke down a fear of mine about even considering to be a writer. Chloe made me believe this is something I can do." 

"Chloe, thank you so much for this class today! It was just what Ineeded to re-motivate myself in my writing journey. You've given me a lot to think about (and take action on)!"

"Thank you for  offering the Lit Agent & Author seminar with with Mark Gottlieb and Ying Chang Compestine. It was very helpful! The publishing processand contract negotiations seem less of a mystery to me now. I learnedhow to keep it short + now I have a compelling hook when asked what my story is about. Now Isee how one or two well-written sentences can capture it." 

"Mark [Gottlieb], thank you so much for your patience, focus and energy throughout the Lit Agent & Author seminar with Ying Compestine today. I took away so much that my head is spinning (in the best way). Iwas genuinely touched by your very obvious respect for the craft ofmaking good books. Again, I'm grateful for your work today."

"Writing Picture Books: From Creation to Publication class taught by Rosie J. Pova has been my favorite writing class that Writing Workshops has to offer. Through the lessons and assignments, Rosie provided clear instruction on how to develop characters, story plot and questions to think about when drafting your children book stories. Rosie created a safe environment where all the students felt encouraged and as a result, the students motivated each other."

"Chloe Caldwell's Carving Out Space seminar was excellent. Thank you for all your helpful tips, prompts, and your vulnerability."

"I took Power and Politics in Speculative Fiction with Ploi Pirapokin and it was a life changing experience. My writing skills definitely increased, my understanding and execution of craft is more refined, and it was rigorous, I felt like I was in an MFA class, and that was very welcome. The platform on Zoom and WetInk was superb, easy to use and navigate, and really slick. I'd definitely take more workshops with Writing Workshops and with Ploi Pirapokin especially, and I recommend them to anyone interested in high quality, rigorous writing workshops!"

"I am learning so much in Rosie's Writing Picture Books class. I told my daughter that I havelearned more with Rosie in the past two weeks than I did as a member of aregional children's book group for two years!"

"I loved Jenny Bhatt's Magical Realism workshop. I found her feedbackespecially valuable. I would recommend this class to anyone interestedin writing Magical Realism!"

"I found the Finding the Humor in the Holidays: Writing Seasonal Topical Satire Zoom seminar to be very helpful and Carlos Greaves to be an engaging host. I came away from the course with useful information I can (and have) put to use. Highly recommend!"

"I'm in the thick of one of Rosie J. Pova's classes on children's book writing as we speak, and I truly could not be having a better experience. Each of Rosie's lessons has been so eye-opening — about ideating, the writing process, editing, the industry, all of it! It's all truly invaluable. Plus, each lesson is so clear, concise, and encouraging — I'm excited to read them before I even receive them. And then I'm excited to get to work! With Rosie's lessons and edits, I think I'm finally on my way to polishing a story I can be proud of — and, I hope, publish. Thank you, Rosie!"

"I just finished Susanne Lakin's course on How To Write a  Commercially Successful Novel. Susanne presented the material in a  straightforward manner and the volume of material she shared far  surpassed what I received in any other course I had ever taken on  writing. It was well worth the time, effort and money. She has given  me a lot of tools in my writing toolbox."

"This is the second course I’ve taken with Writing Workshops and I’ve been very pleased with both. I’m totally new to writing and Allie Pleiter’s Character Development class was outstanding. It gave me tools to organize my mess of thoughts. Allie hits a perfect tone for constructive criticism which is both encouraging and challenging. Best of all, you can tell how much she loves writing and especially the characters. I fully recommend to anyone new to writing or anyone looking for focus and feedback."

"The Crafting Compelling Openings in Fiction MasterClass with Gordy Sauer was an excellent talk. Very professional and thought provoking with tons of examples."

"I had an incredible opportunity to be one of the fabulous Rosie J. Pova's 2022 mentees this winter. I'm so grateful and learned so much from her! She's a nurturing, kind, knowledgeable teacher!"

"I found everything valuable in Jenny Bhatt's Historical Fiction workshop. Especially the articles explaining different elements of historical fiction as well as the exercises and the feedback."

"In the Graphic Novel & Comics 8-Week Workshop, I appreciated how Varud tailored the class based on our feedback to be more of a writer's room for us to share our ideas. Yet he also kept the conversations focused, provided goals, and shared many fantastic insights on how to improve our stories. I really liked how each homework assignment was designed to help us craft a pitch doc and presentation. I now have a rough draft that I can refine and pitch to a publisher. I appreciated the small class size and wouldn't want it to be any bigger. In the end there was four of us along with Varud which was perfect and each person received a lot of attention."

"James Tate Hill's online class on nonfiction memoir was amazing. He has an incredible depth of knowledge to draw upon--writers both classic and contemporary--and his comments were always thoughtful, articulate and considerate. If you're interested in NF writing, this class will be a great benefit."

"Varud Gupta's Graphic Novel & Comics Workshop exceeded my expectations. It was a very helpful class. I found that the class provided structure and tent poles enabling me to write the first chapter of my story. I also think it's really important and illuminating when Varud spoke about his publishing experience."

"Chloe Caldwell is the best. I trust her as a friend, mentor, reader and essayist. If you ever have the chance to take a nonfiction workshop with her, I highly recommend it. She is a careful reader who goes above and beyond with helpful edits and notes, suggestions for further reading/lectures/ podcasts/ etc., and extensive and personalized conversations about both the product and its process. I was overwhelmed by how much editing my book of essays required but she helped to transform the process into something both manageable and enjoyable. There were times when I felt like she knew my work better than I did and her insight helped so much. I was thrilled to work with Chloe as both a friend and as someone who adores her writing and values her expertise."

"What an incredible class on writing satire! Carlos Greaves is an amazing instructor and challenged me to think about all the ways satire could be used to effectively communicate my thoughts, ideas, and opinions. I appreciate how he walked us through strategies and steps to take when we are setting ourselves up to write. I look forward to taking more classes with Carlos."

"Thanks to the inimitable Morgan Talty for making an Intro to Fiction workshop happen. An invaluable service that's well worth the cost in my opinion."

"I absolutely LOVED The Artist’s Way with Rex McGee. He is wonderful. He offers his time whether it’s in or out of class and encourages communication. He really helped me get out of my head and push myself outside of my comfort zone. I would recommend this class 100%. If you are thinking about it, think no more! You NEED this class!"

"Writing Memoir and Personal Essay for Publication was Amazing.  James Tate Hill is a teacher extraordinaire.  And boy, does he give good critique.  My experience in the past with online workshops has been lousy.  I have done three.  In two cases the teacher was so so and in the third, teacher hardly did anything.  Every week JT Hill commented, answered everyone's questions and gave GREAT feedback to participants writing.  And the participants!  Of the nine people in the class, almost everyone submitted superior writing, with as many as 4 people submitting pieces of work that were ready for publishing.  Indeed, I suspect the only way they don't get published is because they are not persistent sending the work out.  And that's what JT imparted to us at the end of the class, the importance of revision and sending out to publishers.  This was such a great supportive workshop, so good that I am taking JT Hills Intro to Fiction starting soon.  Looking forward to another GREAT experience."

"Your Crafting Compelling Openings in Fiction MasterClass with Gordy Sauer was a great use of time. Loved it. Thanks for offering and thanks to Gordy for the delivery!"

"The combination of thought-provoking essays and stories andthe range of prompts in the Magical Realism workshop with Jenny Bhatt has given me a lot to work with. I fully intend togo back and use the prompts I didn't already use to generate morestories. This has been a great class!"

"Justin Balog is a gentle teacher whose poetry workshop I enjoyed and learned from. I am a beginner in poetry and the class size was just right to pose questions regarding one's work . I was introduced to new poems in each session."

"I really enjoyed my first Writing Workshop! I was surprised to find a class so perfectly geared toward what I needed and my skill and comfort level. I had no idea though of the inspiration, community, and support I would get from taking it. Lynne created an incredibly safe space for the class to come together, feel inspired, learn about ourselves and the craft of writing, and most importantly, to get us writing. I enjoyed the readings, and haven't felt this inspired to write in a long time. Well worth the cost and the risk of trying something new."

"I really enjoyed the Sci-fi writing class taught by Holly Walrath. The course material was extensive. The editorial feedback useful, and the assignments were inspirational. I would take this class again and still benefit from it."

"6-Week Online Seminar: The Artist's Way with Rex McGee. Week 1:  'What am I doing in this class? Week 6:  'I never want this class to end!' Bravo Rex, Bravo!"

"I always enjoy Wendi Aaron’s humor and her seminar on writing funny was excellent - she is personable and easy to listen to and always has valuable perspective."

"The three Writing Workshops online events that I've viewed recently have been excellent seminars on the art, craft, and business of writing. The Publishing in Literary Journals seminar by Blake Kimzey, the group's executive director, was one of the most helpful and informative writing workshops that I've attended. Kimzey generously shares honest insights and hands-on tips from his many successes and rejections as a writer. Great content."

"Took a poetry writing class with instructor Sarah Carson. It was very enjoyable. I liked learning more about poetry, exercises for writing it, and feedback from other students and the instructor, who also provided encouragement. Poetry isn't easy to write or understand, but the four-week class was fun, very good."

"Lisa Levy's class, "Pitch to Publication," was tremendous. She provided so many resources I'd never heard (and I thought I knew a lot!) Her concise, honest, and generous critique of my pitch was terrific. I instantly where I needed to improve it, and hadn't seen it prior. Amazing how insightful she is. I highly recommend her class and anything she teaches!"

"Loved the workshop with Cara Benson! I learned so much about Flash writing in the course. I feared it might be challenging to have an online course with no live component. Yet, Cara did amazing work to keep it engaging. She is supportive and gives helpful feedback. Highly recommended workshop to get into writing!"

"Joe Ide's description of the writing process --novels--was straightforward and hard hitting. He used his own experience and recommended mentor books for us. Well spent time."

"Ying Compestine's How to Manage Your Career & Sell What You Write seminar was amazing! Totally worth it. I got great tips on how to manage the business side of my writing career. I even got inspired to submit to an agency for the first time in years."

"My experience with Rosie J. Pova as my mentor has been unbelievably helpful. I am a mom and preschool teacher who has had stories and ideas swimming in my head for over a decade. I felt like I just needed the tools to make my stories come together and (maybe one day) get published. Rosie's knowledge of children's writing and the traditional publishing industry has been invaluable to me. She has truly helped pull these stories out of my head and pushed me to write them on paper in a way that I haven't done before. Her 8-week course that I took was also incredibly helpful to break down step by step "how-to" to accomplish this very daunting task of writing children's books. I feel very confident in her process and I hopefully will be one of her true success stories! I cannot recommend working with Rosie enough. If you do the work she assigns and follow what she recommends, you will come out of the mentorship with polished stories you can be proud of. I cannot thank her enough for her support."

"The workshop with Jenny Bhatt has been great at exposing me to magical realism. I hadn't reallythought I would be able to attempt writing in this genre, but throughthe excellent material and feedback Jenny provided, I am now hopeful."

"I LOVED The Art of Suspense course with Ryan David Jahn. His lectures clearly demonstrated the ideas he was teaching and all of his examples were helpful. His feedback was thoughtful and constructive. I would take any class that he teaches."

"Highly enjoyed and recommend the mentorship programs offered by Writing Workshops! Really inspiring. It felt like a mini MFA in three months!

"I just finished the Art of Suspense class taught by Ryan David Jahn. Before class began, I was a little skeptical about the online format because I had not done that before. I need not have worried. Reading my classmates' work and exchanging critiques was so much fun, and I don't think anything was lost because it was online. After all, we're writers! Ryan's lessons were insightful and inspiring, as were the texts we read for the class. All in all, I feel I took away much more than I was able to contribute, and that's a bargain in anyone's book. The platform we use, Wet Ink, was excellent. Thank you, Writing Workshops Dallas and Ryan David Jahn for an excellent course experience."

"Justin Balog's poetry workshop was fantastic. He planned it well and created a great environment for feedback and creativity. Bravo to Justin!! So glad I invested time and resources in this workshop."

"Truly wonderful workshops! I was surprised at the level of instruction (teacher had a Ph.D) and engagement was really great. I am impressed and will be taking more workshops. THANK YOU for offering these!"

"I enjoyed the Magical Realism class with Alex Temblador. She was engaged with all of the participants from start to finish. I learned much from the writing exercises and feedback received. I would would gladly take another of her courses."

"Alex Temblador is a compassionate, detailed, and inspiring instructor. Taking her Magical Realism class has truly allowed me to grow as a writer. I will definitely take another of her classes."

"The class I took with Blake Kimzey on writing dynamic characters was very engaging and extremely well taught. It was loaded with inspirational nuggets and most importantly, I took away a lot of immediately applicable steps and frameworks."

"Michael Bourne's class "Pitching to Your Dream Publication" was incredibly helpful to me as an emerging writer.  Michael delivered content in a clear way, focusing on action-oriented solutions that writers can use when pitching their work.  He gave invaluable feedback on my pitch so that it was ready to send out right after class ended.  He has a sense of humor and is optimistic about the publishing process, which I appreciated so much."

"Alex Temblador's class on Magical Realism was interesting and informational. All the research and instructor knowledge was evident from the beginning and made for challenging and fun writing exercises. I plan on taking any class she offers in the future."

"The Pop Culture writing class with Lisa Levy was absolutely wonderful! I didn't even really care about pop culture when I started, but found myself so engaged with the class and the discussions, the readings and the writing. Lisa is really, very good at pop culture. And she's wonderful at pushing you in a good direction without really telling you where to go. A gentle nudge that gets you thinking, basically, and then you're off to the races. The classes aren't inexpensive, but if you can make room in your budget, I would highly recommend this class if you have any interest at all in pop culture writing. The Wet Ink platform that Writing Workshops uses is pretty cool, too."

"I just finished Writing the New Western with David Byron Queen and I can't speak highly enough of him and the workshop. I enjoyed the readings, the craft talk, and the insightful feedback from my cohort. I'm walking away with a new take on an old story, and a brand new story that I'm  super excited about."

"I enjoyed The Art of Suspense lead by Ryan David Jahn. I am a beginning writer, and one of my big struggles was how to create suspense-tension in my stories. Suspense often happens organically in real life, but a writer needs to direct the story and control the narrative to be successful. I did get the direction I was looking for. Thanks Ryan!"

"I enjoyed the flash fiction workshop with Cara Benson immensely. She is a marvelous teacher who set up an environment that was both supportive and critically helpful. She is a treasure!!"

"Ryan David Jahn's Art of Suspense class introduced me to the surprises and  twists that drive mystery and suspense. The assignments were a mix of reading, analyzing, and writing. The writing helped me understand the writer's technique as well as develop my own technique."

"Dr Jessica Hindman's class on Memoir & Memory: Creating Distance From Your Past Self was eye-opening. She gave us three short pieces to read plus a worksheet that was incredibly useful. The examples were crucial to understanding her lessons. She has a simple, direct approach to craft and an easy engaging manner. She didn't dwell & was well prepared. She offered two 10-minute exercises during the class and we got to hear some of the work written by students. The class flew by. Worth taking."

"Jenny Bhatt's magical realismcourse has a very positive influence on my understanding of how tocreate a story based on a magical element. This is a great course."

"Kat Moore is a very skilled workshop leader. This was my first experience of learning about non-linear essays and I feel she helped me move forward in leaps. Her feedback, time management and sweet voices added a lot to create a relaxed learning environment. Her instructions were crystal clear. She left me with a sense of direction for future learning."

"What a great class with James Tate Hill. His feedback was gentle, insightful and thorough. He puts a lot of time and effort into feedback. He seems like a very nice and dedicated person."

"I just took a class taught by Jill Talbot called the Writing the Lyric Essay. It was a wonderful generative class. I know much more now about lyric essays and feel my writing has improved!"

"I really enjoyed Todd's Cinematic Prose Techniques workshop last Saturday afternoon. I learned a lot very quickly, and the way he presented it on Zoom, spliced betw his talking, film clips, and 5 minute timed writings, really worked well for me. I hope to take another one if his workshops soon."

"I can’t thank Lynne Golodner enough for the honest yet enthusiastic and motivating feedback from her 6-week “Finding Your Voice at Midlife” course. I learnt so much! It was full of exercises and prompts, and a weekly assignment designed to make us dig deeper. The group was an open, trusting community - we were all sad when the course finished, and now we’re on hot coals waiting for part 2 in a few short weeks!"

"Jill Talbot was super organized and insightful. Her Lyric Essay Course was a very productive experience for me. The class built in a sequenced fashion from the reading of models, to craft discussions, to our own writing experiments. Her feedback on my work was generous and astute. You'll work hard, but so will she. This was a first-rate online writing course."

"I recently finished a course in writing poetry with Sarah Carson. I appreciated her gentle touch as an instructor. The course provided exercises that stimulated ones appetite for experimentation and most of all, for revision of poems. In addition, the feedback from colleagues in the course was specific, encouraging, and helpful. This was one of the better courses I’ve taken and I would recommend Sarah and this course to anyone who wants to continue and improve their writing of poetry."

"I did a workshop on writing about pop culture. I really loved the course. You get out of it what you put in. My instructor, Lisa Levy, required a lot of readings, and you obviously don't have to do them, but the whole point of doing one of these is to learn by doing the work. If you don't shortchange yourself, these can really be a great avenue to get feedback on your writing. 10/10 would do again."

"I am writing review as recipient of a gift from my husband to participate in this course.  What a lovely course I experienced with Kate Hill Cantrill.   I was a newbie to a formal writing course and also busy with regular life in the meantime.  Kate was gracious, passionate, and kind.  She was supportive and inspiring in her guidance and feedback.  I appreciated the well prepared content and writing prompts, and loved the idea that we could be honest and open about the difficult topics we approached in writing about family. I felt Kate was also particularly patient and encouraging to newcomers to the process.  I would recommend her course highly, and also hope to take  a future course with her when I have the time."

"I took the class Writing your Novel in 6 Weeks with Dana De Greff and it was such an informative and inspiring class! We met once a week, for two hours, and in that time, she provided us with tons of information and resources and even personal anecdotes and advice that really helped me with my own writing. It was a joy to be in her class and I will definitely be looking into more courses from her!"

"Blake Kimzey goes above and beyond in each class he teaches, by providing the students with detailed examples from his own work and the writing of authors he admires. He is generous with his time in answering questions before, during and after the course. He truly cares about helping other writers succeed and is endlessly optimistic about our future writing. His positive energy in presenting keeps the class flowing and fun. I have already taken two classes with Writing Workshops Dallas and will take a third one this coming weekend. I have seen writers from all over the country taking part in the classes. I have an MFA in Creative Nonfiction  and Poetry from the Vermont College of Fine Arts and I feel these classes from Writing Workshops Dallas are for students of all levels, from beginner to advanced. There is always much to learn about the art of writing. I am grateful for this organization."

"Morgan Talty is an excellent instructor who knows just how to get more out of you and your writing.  His comments and critiques are spot on an the lectures he provides are ideal companions to both the readings and students’ writings."

"The Short Form Flash/Nonfiction with Cara Benson was a great class! A wonderful combination of readings, lessons, and feedback, with a number of very responsive participants."

"Learned so much about Magical Realism in Jenny Bhatt's class. Jenny's lessons and feedback were excellent."

"I signed up for Writing Non-Fiction About Mental Illness with Courtney Cook, and I was nervous about it. But I LOVED this workshop. The leader (Courtney) was great; she invited us to write about really personal things, but she invited in a very non-threatening way. I think the essays that she had us read each week were well-chosen, and the writing prompts were well-thought out. She encouraged us in our writing, and gave thoughtful suggestions for how to make our writing better. She also taught several "rules" and suggestions for writing about mental illness."

"I completed my first Writing Workshops Dallas with Kate Hill Cantrill. Kate created a positive space where all participants grew as writers. Her comments were authentic and constructive. She brought out the best in me. I’m enrolled in another workshop next month."

"I have taken many writing workshops over the years but Shayla introduced me to new information, ideas, and valuable insights to help my writing and potential for publishing ahead. I will look forward to taking more of her classes! Well done and thank you so much."

"I had a wonderful experience in the Prep Your Book workshop with Alex Temblador.  Registration was easy and all questions related to the class were promptly answered.  The class was conducted via Wet Ink and was a breeze to navigate.   Alex did a great job of being present in the virtual/online environment making it feel like an in person workshop.  The course was crafted to benefit beginner to advanced level writers and it not only provided the essentials for prepping my novel but it also gave me the tools for a productive writing process.  Alex was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and generous with sharing her expertise and her time.  She was respectful to all and provided thoughtful critiques. The Prep Your Book workshop was a collegial, creative space that pushed me each week to grow as a writer.  I highly recommend Alex Temblador and Writing Workshops."

"Loved Rex McGee's intro to screenwriting class.  I learned so much about screenwriting in just 6 weeks.  Rex was very knowledgeable and gave us exercises to help us improve our writing.  I would love to take another class with him in the future."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the 8-week class Essays/Memoir class I took from Writing Workshops. James Tate Hill, the instructor, set a generous tone and gave us interesting and varied reading assignments. The detailed critiques from him (and the other students) on my two manuscripts were worth the price of the workshop. I was able to revise and submit one of the essays to a different, competitive workshop, and I won a spot. I will definitely be taking more classes from Writing Workshops!"

"Shayla Raquel Unforgettable Memoirs seminar had so much information, it was well presented, well organized, and easy to listen to as well. She invites questions and you can tell she is well-versed in her subject matter, and also in relating the information. She is generous with her time and attention. I would totally attend another class with her!"

"Shayla Raquel's workshop was one of the best I've attended in years. Sharp, witty, intense and very useful! I liked that she gave us the facts and didn't sugarcoat the business of memoirs."

"This was a rich learning engagement with an easy to use platform, supportive administrative and teaching staff and a great group of participants."

"I highly recommend these classes. I just completed the Personal Essay course with Mag Gabbert and it was great."

"Wrapped up my first fiction-writing course with Writing Workshops Dallas tonight - it was an intense 8 weeks but SO glad I did it! It has made me much braver, writing and otherwise."

"I have nothing but high praise for Writing Workshops Dallas. I took a fiction course with Blake and attended one of his seminars. Blake is one of the best writing instructors I’ve had. The course definitely helped me navigate the literary community and strengthen my narrative skills. The environment is inclusive and encouraging. You’re surrounded by people who are taking courses for the sheer love of writing. I implore you to explore WWD and its course offerings. Since taking Blake's course, I have had a short story accepted for publication and was admitted to a fully funded MFA program. Thank you, WWD!"

“I was so nervous when I signed up for my first seminar with Writing Workshops Dallas. I took the Dare to Dream in 2019 course from Whitney Davis in January, and this past weekend, the Writing a Killer Query Letter seminar from Harry Hunsicker. I've learned so much, I always leave SO pumped and ready to get to work. Finding something like this in Dallas was a treat and I know my future success will be partially down to the support and knowledge I gleaned from Writing Workshops Dallas. I can't wait to go back!”

“I took the online nonfiction class with James Tate Hill and I highly recommend it. It allowed me to savor in full the precision and mystery of writing essays. He is an exquisite mentor. The first story I submitted and revised in workshop has already been accepted by a Literary Magazine. I am thrilled I took this class.”

“Writing Workshops Dallas is a warm, nurturing environment to challenge and hone your writing skills. If you are looking to write short stories or a book, this is the place for you to launch your writing adventure. I took a Mixed Level Fiction class with Blake Kimzey in the fall of 2018 and an Advanced Fiction class with David Samuel Levinson in the spring of 2019. My writing improved dramatically during each class. The learning experience of a workshop style class is unique in that a significant proportion of your growth comes from critiquing other student's work. When you come back to your own work after that experience, you are able to see it with fresh, enhanced eyes. I highly recommend David Samuel Levinson and Blake Kimzey as amazing teachers and recommend any class experience with Writing Workshops Dallas!”

“This fiction workshop exceeded my expectations! It was an amazing learning experience. Eden exposed me to new writers that I had never read before which really opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about my own writing. I feel like Eden raised the bar on what I should expect from myself and my writing. She used really great examples of specific writing to drive home how elevating your entire writing process can truly make you a better writer. I feel like I am walking away from this class with new skills to practice and a new way of looking at how I read.”

“I took the introduction to Fiction class with Eden Elieff and she really opened my eyes to really great literature that I didn’t know was out there. The class became a tight knit group and we were sad to see it end. I learned so much from not only the readings, but from others in class as well. I feel like there’s so much more to learn. Thank you Writing workshops and Eden!!”

“The first short story I ever wrote, crafted in Blake Kimzey’s workshop, has now made me published fiction writer. Thank you for the wise guidance, unflagging enthusiasm and for bringing me in from the wilderness.”

“I took a summer session Intermediate Fiction workshop with Blake Kimzey and can't recommend him enough. Blake's teaching style is relaxed and he is encouraging of all his students. He does a good job easing what can be an intimidating environment for many, and gave everyone quality feedback to take their work to the next level.”

“James Tate Hill's 8-week online Writing Memoir and Personal Essay class was top-notch. His carefully-chosen and varied readings both inspired me to approach my own writing in a new way, and pushed me to go deeper, explore symbolism and find overarching themes--something I hadn't really done since grad school so many years ago. The participants had a wide range of writing abilities and life experiences, and yet J.T. expertly tailored his critiques to each of us, giving detailed, perceptive and constructive feedback to all of our submissions and comments. He also gave us practical and valuable information regarding submission and publication. I will likely be referring to the notes from this class for the rest of my writing career. J.T. and WWD provided us with a semester's worth (or more) of information, at a fraction of the price.”

“I'm currently taking an intermediate short story writing class at Writing Workshops Dallas from the owner / founder, Blake Kimzey. He was my instructor at UTD where I took my first writing class, and I can't say enough good about my experience in workshop with him. Learning a lot, honing my craft as a writer, and meeting many other writers, good writers. It's so much fun. Looking forward to retiring next month and writing full time.”

“I have now taken two seminars from WWD. I keep telling people that the Self-Publishing 101 session by Shayla Raquel was the best $60 I've spent on my career. And I was already published! I took another seminar that might have been even better. Jessica is so nice and helpful at each seminar. I also love that once you take one class, all the others are discounted forever! This is an amazing organization and such a treasure for writers in DFW.”

“I have taken two Personal Essay classes and the Publishing Seminar with Mag Gabbert and they have all been invaluable. As a published writer, Mag knows the ins and outs of the publishing world and what it takes to get a piece accepted by a literary journal. She edits your work thoroughly and gives feedback that will makes your essay stronger. I also appreciate that she looks for ‘what works’ in everyone's essays, no matter how accomplished or amateur a writer may be.”

“Mag is better than any writing teacher I had while getting my Master's degree. Her edits/suggestions are generous, insightful, and the most helpful I have received. (I have taken writing classes from two other organizations outside of graduate school.) I will probably be taking a third class with Mag in the fall.”

“I enjoyed the class a lot and found Mag’s insight and peer critiques to be invaluable in my growth as a writer.”

“I would highly recommend taking Eden Elieff’s 8-Week Fiction workshop. She promotes and encourages thinking, reading and writing to higher levels.”

“I attended a workshop last weekend with Eden Elieff. There were 5 of us so we enjoyed a lot of reading and discussion, and were able to move at whatever pace we felt comfortable with, though Eden kept saying, "I have so much more I want to cover!" So much great writing, so little time! As a group we chose not to spend too much time writing but to focus on reading and sharing great writing. For me this was perfect; one of my goals this yeas is to read more excellent writing, as it is one of the best ways to improve your own writing. I really enjoyed Eden and the group. I'm sure I could have stayed at least a few more hours.”

“I took the Personal Essay Workshop with Mag Gabbert and learned SO MUCH! I had no idea how much craft is involved in writing a good essay! I really appreciate the time and effort Mag put into critiquing my essay, and learned a lot from critiquing my peers' essays, as well. I'm taking Mag's poetry class in August. Can't wait!”

“Huge shout out to Steve Adams, who was my writing instructor these past few months. His advanced fiction class filled me with joy and ignited a groundswell of desire to improve my craft. It's hard, this writing thing, but he was positive and encouraging, something that I am woefully in need of, then and now. As an editor, he was able to surgically go in and find out what was wrong with my story. Remove the fat. Help me figure out how to fix it. Take a class with him. You'll be glad you did.”

"I attended Blake Kimzey's Fiction II 8-week short story writing class and Joe Milazzo's 3-hour Poetic Form & Inspiration seminar -- both were time and money well spent. From the specific, encouraging feedback from instructors and students, to the wealth of literary info and writers' resources provided before/during/after class, to the valuable networking opportunities with a diverse group of courageous classmates, I have returned to my writing with renewed energy and -- BONUS! -- the local literary world has opened up to me through these workshops. I'm hungry to participate in Fiction II again in the fall with Blake to read, write and learn even more, and will be on the lookout for Joe's next poetry seminar for even more inspiration!"

"I took the Novel Workshop with Jaye Wells this fall and it was extremely helpful. She shared many of her personal tips for writing, organizing, world building, plus provided articles on relevant topics. Great class. Highly recommend."

“Shayla Raquel's class on book marketing was fantastic! Informative and well thought out, there were so many ideas to immediately implement - and she only touched the tip of the iceberg. Please bring her back for part two!”

“Amazing presenter and workshop! I attended the workshop, Book Marketing, presented by Shayla Raquel on 3/24/19. Shayla not only provided excellent content, she made it relevant by showing all of us how it all works. Honestly, I did not expect to learn so many good tips on marketing a book. I especially did not expect to be fully engaged and captivated on the topic of Book Marketing for 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon. Excellent, excellent workshop.”

“There are lots of good writing teachers; Eden Elieff is one of the great ones. She’s not just a published writer & extremely knowledgeable about the entire field.  She’s also a great instructor. She focuses on supporting you & your writing goals and makes you do the work. From provoking you to counseling you to giving you actionable ideas, Eden will help you get to where you should go. Whatever writing subject she teaches - take her course!”

“[Online Novel I] was an amazing class. Jaye Wells is passionate about teaching and excellent at it as well as at writing. The intersection of those two things made this a wonderful class. She also has a knack for providing critiques that are honest and constructive in a manner that was just what I needed. I was thrilled to have an opportunity to do a 1:1 with Jaye as well.”

"Enrolling in Mag Gabbert's Non-Fiction Essay class was one of the best things I have ever done to further my skills as a writer. Our group developed a kinship that encouraged one another, gave honest feedback during our workshops and we were all truly sad to see the 8 weeks come to an end. Mag was amazing at introducing us to new ideas, pieces, essays, and books while showing us various skills, styles, and nuances of the writer's we studied. I look forward to much better writing as a result of this very positive experience."

"Wonderful opportunity to be part of a literary community and a great workshop. Blake is a great instructor and I will be back again!"

“Jaye Wells led a great Novel Workshop for the past 8 weeks. I'm pleased to have been part of the group that went through this and recommend her and WWD to any serious writer.”

"I really enjoyed the Personal Essay workshop. As a complete novice I did not know what to expect but the instructor, Mag Gabbert, made it non-intimidating. I enjoyed reading my classmates' work and getting feedback from them and Mag. The published works that we read were well-chosen and the workshop felt like a mini college course, but without the pressure. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in getting feedback and guidance on their work and/or learning more about the craft of writing. It was a great experience and I look forward to taking other workshops."

"I took a Fiction Writing Class with Blake Kimzey and couldn't be more impressed. The instruction and materials were great. Additionally, it got me out of my shell and pushed me to start writing. Can't thank Blake and the group of writers that took the class with me enough."

“I so enjoyed Michelle Schusterman's MG/YA novel writing class. It really helped get me started on my novella and her critiques were amazingly spot on with what I am trying to accomplish with my story. I highly recommend any classes she conducts. There was so much great information and she was always available to help.”

“I had a great experience taking the poetry workshop with Ashley Mag Gabbert! Her instruction was engaging, thoughtful and flexible to the needs of her students. I've also taken several one-off seminars with Writing Workshops Dallas, and they've all been great experiences! I would definitely recommend this place to any writer.”

"Ethan Chatagnier's class really opened my mind and gave me an actual process for mining for ideas that I can use on a regular basis. I feel like I know how to look at, read, or hear anything in the media and come up with not just one but multiple story ideas from it. I had never thought about how to look for questions, conflicts, and characters like that before. It feels like learning how to "flip the script" and find angles like in journalism, but from a literary perspective—which is something I feel I've drastically needed in my journey as a writer!"

“Can't thank Blake and Harry Hunsicker for providing the opportunity to learn about THE INDUSTRY. Hearing Mr. Hunsicker's experiences and listening to his well organized and thoughtful insights into how to break in to THE INDUSTRY really reinforced that I am on the right track, with more to learn. I am getting ready to write my ‘Killer Query Letter’ (draft one) thanks to Harry! Great class. The Q and A at the end was also very helpful.”

“Eden loves teaching, loves preparing for class (she makes LOTS of handouts), loves discussing what makes good writing, and is simply 'doing what she loves best' with her students. The textbooks for both of the Memoir/Fiction classes that I took were excellent, giving examples of both memoir and short stories, as well as defining the unique characteristic of each genre and where they overlap. Eden's handouts were writings by authors she admires and often personally knows, allowing her to explain why or how these authors chose to write in one genre or another, and how/why they may have decided what to include and what to leave out. Occasionally some students didn't like the stories or the characters within, and Eden always replied, "If you want to learn to write, your job is to become a better reader: expose yourself to writings you'd not normally choose, and examine the styles and details that make the characters likeable or not, so that you'll learn how to do it yourself!" Five of us students took Eden's first Fiction/Memoir class this summer, desperate to tell our stories, whether to analyze them, to preserve our memories, or to re-create the lives we've lived. We made progress, but when the 8-week class was over, we decided it wasn't time to quit yet. So all of us signed up again, wanting to continue with the camaraderie and trust Eden's classes provided. The second 8-weeks were worth it! We became ever more confident, our writing was growing alive with detail, and we understood at last what those readings were all about! Eden always made sure that the discussion of each student's manuscript was aimed at clarifying what we thought worked well, what we felt the 'aim' of the writing was, whether this aim was achieved, and then how to better achieve it. And, by the end of the 2nd eight weeks, it was great fun to see the employment of all the tools Eden had taught us and the amazing improvement in each other's writings and in our own.”

“The workshops are run by published authors/poets, which I really appreciate as I think the goal for most people taking these workshops is to be published. Not only are they giving you excellent information/suggestions, but they're doing so from a well of real-world publishing experience. Jaye Wells' seminar on world building was great—she not only gave us invaluable insights into the art of world building, but she also approached it from a practical standpoint, helping us to understand how to balance her suggestions with the ultimate goal of real-world publication. I highly recommend these workshops. They're an excellent value for the price.”

“I took Mag's Personal Essay / Creative Non-fiction class in the Fall of 2018. We had a mix of student backgrounds - I personally had never taken a creative writing class before, while another student had already been published. Still, Mag lead us through several weeks of great discussion and concrete examples to explain concepts. During the course of the class we wrote two essays with the chance to get feedback from Mag as well as other classmates, and this was incredibly valuable to me individually as a writer and also helped reinforce the concepts we discussed in class. I will definitely be taking another class with Writing Workshops Dallas and Mag in the future!”

“I just completed the nonfiction essay class with Mag Gabbert. Excellent class. Great group to work with. Mag is a tough editor but that is greatly appreciated! I highly recommend it. It was good to get the creative juices flowing again!”

“Eden's teaching has quickly turned my decades of writing insecurity into a deep well of creative confidence. Her engaging class guides both the novice and experienced writer through highly acclaimed written works meant to enhance and broaden their own writing throughout her courses. Reading, writing and critiquing is enlightening and creatively freeing. Thanks, Eden. Your Writing Workshops Dallas classes have had a great influence on my writing!”

"I attend Whitney's Dare to Dream 2018 seminar via live streaming on 14 Jan 2018. She sent out a workbook before class for the attendees and it has awesome exercises to focus my writing passion towards finishing a project. So fortunate to have found Writing Workshops Dallas and grateful to be able to attend via live streaming."

"Listen to me: I can't stop thinking about last weekend's workshop on how to find your plot. The content was captivating, applicable, and rousing. I walked away with a much clearer picture of how to structure (and elevate) my writing. JR Forasteros was a delightful mix of nerd, comedian, and expert. Well done."

"I joined a beginner to intermediate fiction writing group led by Blake. The quality of the workshop, the suggested reads, the mix and number of participants were all perfect. The discussions taught me so much. Handing in my first homework was nerve wracking but Blake as well as the other participants turned it into the best experience with constructive criticism. Blake is a fantastic teacher and is great at getting the group to interact in the most productive manner. I missed it as soon as it ended and I cannot recommend the workshops highly enough.

"Last year I became acquainted with Writing Workshops Dallas and started taking some of the classes they offered. My knowledge and skills as a writer have grown and improved tremendously as a result. I find myself scanning every e-mail Blake Kimzey sends to announce the upcoming classes in anticipation of learning more and more. Yesterday I participated in Mag Gabbert's Submitting to Journals and Magazines. I had never considered submitting in this manner, but having learned all that she had to share of her knowledge, I may now. Mag is very knowledgeable and open to share what she knows and the tools that she uses to become published. I highly recommend her classes, whatever the subject matter might be. I also took her 8-week Non Fiction Essay class and it was AMAZING."

"For the last 8 weeks, I’ve sat with these incredible writers to learn how to write fiction. In all my years, I’ve never been more challenged, encouraged, and committed to something than this class and these people. Writing is hard, it takes concentration, commitment, dedication and an imagination. I’m not sure I’m writing the next great novel, but I’m sure enjoying it, and that’s what matters. I will miss my weekly class and the intellectual stimulation it has brought, but thrilled we have agreed to continue meeting monthly. I can not recommend Writing Workshops Dallas and the guidance of Blake Kimzey enough. Such an incredible and life changing experience for me!"

"I just completed Mag Gabbert's Introduction to Poetry class and highly recommend it. In six weeks my knowledge of poetry has been greatly expanded and therefore my enjoyment of poetry as well. Mag's approach to teaching and workshopping is engaging and conversational as well as encouraging. If you have any reservations about taking this class, or if you have any fear for having your work critiqued, please put those aside and take this class! It's a truly safe and professional environment focused entirely on helping the writer improve."

"Blake Kimzey has done a great job at the Writing Workshop. It doesn't matter where you are in your writing career you will come out of the workshop with a rich experience and a better reader and writer. Highly recommended!"

"I've only attended one 3-hour workshop but valued the time I spent attending. Blake Atwood spoke about self-editing and I took several pages of notes even though I knew the presentation would be available. I've registered for another!

"I attended an 8-week Fiction class led by Blake Kimzey. I learned so much and have improved as a writer. When aiming for goals, there are certain steps you have to take, and this class was a must for me in my career as a novelist. I look forward to attending more classes not just for the learning aspect but also for the community and support.

"I attended another great Writing Workshops Dallas workshop via Live Stream yesterday with the talented and wonderful teacher Blake Kimzey. If you are a writer who is serious about your craft, take online classes from this group. Affordable, fun and packed with information."

"Thoroughly enjoyed Mary DeMuth's workshop on building readership. Ample handouts and new ideas I had never considered. Definitely worth the time and money."

"Amber Royer's workshop, "Writing Villains as the Mirror of Heroes," was extremely helpful. When I reviewed my notes, I came up with dozens of new ideas that will go a long way toward improving my current work in progress. Thank you, Writing Workshops Dallas!"

"Yesterday filled me with joy. What was I doing? I was in Eden Elieff's Fiction or Memoir Class. Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious. Her materials (excerpts from esteemed texts, both memoir and fiction) were eye-opening. Her writing exercises were invigorating. The entire three hours transported me back to my beloved MFA days and reminded me of why I am a writer. (Bonus: She has her MFA from Bennington!) Through the examination of the passages, I was able to further paw my way out of my pile of confusion over what I am writing and I feel I am closer now to what I must pursue: an autobiographical novel, which I had no idea existed. Or rather, was classified as such. I highly HIGHLY recommend her as a teacher. I look forward to more classes with Eden!"

"I took my first writing workshop with Writing Workshops Dallas and I loved it. The teacher was professional, helpful and engaging. The content was relevant. I will definitely attend more in the future."

"Hello all future students of Writing Workshops Dallas. I took the Non-Fiction class with Mag Gabbert. First let me say that I had never participated in a writing workshop before so this experience was a nerve-wrecking one for me. With that said, Mag made this class go above any of my expectations. I learned something new from each and every class. She created a safe environment to be open and honest yet made sure everyone was aware to be respectful. She heard your thoughts with such an open mind. Every writing exercise was challenging and helped open a new side of me I wasn't even aware existed. She made the reading assignments fully enjoying. I am definitely looking forward to taking another class at the Writing Workshops Dallas (preferably one with Mag Gabbert). Your fellow classmates also really help make this experience a great one. I was fortunate enough to have a class that included a variety of backgrounds. This was definitely well worth the money."

"I've taken two seminars, one on plot and the other on villains. I thoroughly enjoyed both of them and left with a lot to think about and work on."

"I have taken three classes with Writing Workshops Dallas and every class has been well constructed and I've taken away information and was reminded of some things that I already knew! If you are in any part of your writing journey, I highly recommend finding a class to fit your needs and take advantage!

"I took the non-fiction essay course with Mag Gabbert. She is a great class leader and committed to writing. The class always has momentum. For someone like me who is nervously sharing their writing for the first time it's a safe and constructive environment. Your classmates will also be a source of inspiration and development. Enjoy."

"I loved the Fiction I class! Blake gave us practical information and advice on how to finish stories and get them published. The reading materials and discussions opened my eyes to the world of short stories and how to learn from other authors. Reading work from my classmates and receiving their feedback was invaluable and helped me learn so much about my writing. I was never one for sharing my work, but the atmosphere was very open, honest and laid back. It made sharing easy and got me excited about writing again. I hope to participate in another workshop soon!"

"Ashley (Mag) Gabbert's personal essay class was an adventure! An eight-week immersion in analyzing quality essays and trying to attain that in our lengthy writing assignments. Fascinating to get feedback from the wide range of reader types represented as students in the class. Best feedback of all came from Gabbert pushing you to transform good writing into great.

"I attended Amber Royer’s class on developing the protagonist in a novel that gets the readers to become involved and interested . It was an excellent class full of amazing substantive instruction. She has a very thorough understanding of this field and I learned a great deal from this three hour seminar. Thank you Amber! I will be back for the 6 week course and I encourage others to sign up. Amber is really great!"

"I took the Self-Editing Seminar with writer Blake Atwood. His presentation, which offered 50 practical editing tips for writers, was a good refresher and a great learning experience. His advice was concise, practical, to the point and also fun! He also provided tips when finding and working with an editor to publish your work. I manage a blog for my personal development organization and from time to time publish academic articles in journals and online magazines. I will definitely use what I learned at this seminar for my writing. Thanks for having a great writing community resource in Dallas!"

"Blake Atwood's self-editing class was entertaining and informative. I'm a journalist who's done proofing and editing — I still learned a lot! The supplemental materials downloaded after class proved to be very helpful."

"I was somewhat 'stuck' in my writing journey and the publishing workshop definitely helped me to refocus, re-energize, and get moving again! Fantastic workshop. Highly recommend."

"I highly recommend the Creative Nonfiction class with Ashley (Mag) Gabbert. I loved the opportunity to polish my writing and get feedback from the class and Mag. Mag's insight and suggestions for my personal essays helped me to be a better writer. The small class setting was intimate and allowed each of us to contribute to discussion. The required texts will be a useful reference as I continue my writing life. I definitely plan on taking another workshop from Writing Workshops Dallas and Mag Gabbert!"

"Attended a workshop taught by Blake Atwood on 'Should I Self-Publish or Seek Traditional Publishing' hosted by Writing Workshops Dallas. I really enjoyed it and left with a better understanding of the pros and cons of both avenues which will serve me well as I navigate the publishing arena. Blake is an excellent teacher, always prepared (this is my second class with him) and very helpful in assuring each student has an understanding of the subject matter. I highly recommend this class as well as his Self-Editing class."

"Mag Gabbert's seminar on Submission for Publishing was just what I needed. The submission process is daunting and unfamiliar for someone without a formal education. The gaps created by me learning through trial and error were all filled at this seminar. Mag's delivery was crisp and on task which I appreciated. She answered all questions in a succinct, understandable, and very human way. I highly recommend this seminar and plan on taking more classes starting in 2018."

"I attended Blake Atwood's seminar HOW TO SELF-EDIT: 50 ESSENTIAL TIPS FOR HONING EVERY MANUSCRIPT on 21 Jan 2018 via Livestreaming.  The seminar was full of all types of information, resources, and tips.  He sent us a copy of his slides with links to follow up after class.  Very informative and helpful.  Another 5-star seminar from Writing Workshops Dallas."

"I attended Whitney Davis' class Dare to Dream in 2018 yesterday and it was a very informative, lively and thought provoking time spent honing our organizational skills, goal setting and adding some accountability to our portfolios. Whitney was extremely helpful and I was able to leave with an arsenal of tools, ready to conquer my 2018 goals and beyond.  I look forward to the next classes that I have scheduled for this quarter.  I think Whitney will be my instructor in one of the others I will be attending. Thanks to Writing Workshops Dallas and Blake Kimzey for making these classes available."

"Excellent program! Just finished the Fiction II workshop with Blake Kimzey and learned a ton. The workshop includes robust critiquing and reading, in a structured format, while sprinkling in good times along the way. Blake also met with me one-on-one, providing specific coaching based on my submitted work and career aspirations. WWD is a place where serious writers go to grow in craft and community, a fast-paced and constructive environment that leads to actionable results."

"WWD's TV & Film seminar was outstanding! Industry-leader Steve LaRue's expertise and knowledge was inspirational. Thanks to WWD for offering such wonderful events!"

"I attended the workshop for screenwriters with TV exec Steve LaRue, and writer's rep Whitney Davis, and walked out with several actionable ideas for some work I have in development. I've also found myself since paying forward their good advice to some of my clients who are creative entrepreneurs. I felt lucky to be in the room, glad to now know you Blake, and a few new colleagues. Thanks for putting this together!"

"This was an excellent workshop and Blake is a great teacher. I was able to rub shoulders with fellow writers and gain their insight from their own writing styles. More than anything it allowed me to grow as a writer. I was able to see my weaknesses and get them out of my work to progress with a stronger piece. It was fun, laid back and always something new when it came to Tuesday nights. I highly recommend the workshops that are by WWD and I look forward to taking another one in the future."

"As a non-fiction writer, I was looking for a fiction writing workshop that would both go over the basics and push me to grow, and Blake's workshop did both. I loved reading the stories from my fellow writers and finding what needs polishing in my own writing. I also loved hearing about the process of fiction publication and learning more about the thriving Dallas literary scene. If you're waiting for a kick to get your fiction writing going, sign up for Blake's class!"

"I completed Blake Kimzey's Fiction II Workshop, and it made me a better, more thoughtful writer. Blake's got a generous, inclusive teaching style that draws the best from each student. The texts we read each week enriched the workshop experience - nice balance. I wish I could take the class again this summer, but I must wait until fall. I'm going to miss the weekly infusion of creative juice. Thanks to Blake and my classmates for a rollicking good time."

"I attended the Poetry from the Senses seminar with Joe Milazzo. I would consider myself more a painter than a poet but was really excited about how this class will inform my studio practice. I really enjoyed the exercise he had us do in class and how we analyzed other poems and learned from others in the class. This class gave me comprehensive and clear tools to approach the writing of poetry and I already feel like I am walking through the world aware of how I'm experiencing it in a richer fashion. I would recommend this class to the novice or the expert or anyone in between, Joe was an awesome teacher and I can't wait to take another seminar of his."

"Blake was so encouraging and inspiring. He really made me want to take charge of my writing career."

"I took the 'Novel-to-Film' seminar led by Whitney Davis, a literary manager for screenwriters and novelists. I learned an immense amount of behind-the-scenes information from a well-connected professional. Now I'm excited to attend more workshops."

"I attended Fiction II and must say that I found it very motivational and inspiring. Blake is a very well read and talented instructor who gave me the needed push to continue writing my novel not only in German bust also in English. I'll be back."

"I attended Whitney Davis' workshop on Could your Novel be a Blockbuster Movie? Tips for Novel to Screen. Even though the workshop was in Dallas, I attended via Google Hangouts. Whitney is a enthusiastic and inspirational teacher with lots of real world advice to share. I learned a lot about the business.
I look forward to future workshops."

"I attended the Poetry from the Senses seminar instructed by Joe Milazzo. I really enjoyed the writing exercise that we did. Also, it was very interesting to look at other poetry and examine what it does for our senses. I can't wait until the next workshop! I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to generate creativity and deepen their connection to poetry through examination of the world around us. Joe is great!"

"I attended Whitney Davis' novel to film seminar and learned some fascinating behind-the-scenes tidbits. I highly recommend their workshops."

"I love that Blake allows us to come up with our own writing styles and ideas. One thing that has bothered me about past writing courses is being required to use prompts for story ideas. This was a BIG help."

"Blake Kimzey from Writing Workshops Dallas is one of the best instructors I've had on writing. He puts a lot of thought into his classes and how he will present the content so that it's engaging, extremely practical to apply, and easy to understand. He's also incredibly responsive, encouraging (yet honest about the many challenges that a writer encounters), and caring. What more could you ask for in an instructor!"

"I saw Blake from Writing Workshop Dallas Great present at Serj Books. It was a really illuminated presentation into the rigors of what it takes to get published. Not only was it informative, but it cleared up some of the mystery associated with the publishing process, and gave me a specific game-plan and set of tools necessary to take the next step towards being published."

"Attended a workshop in Downtown Dallas. Laid back and very informative! I would definitely attend another one."

"I've never felt more satisfied with a course and that was due to the genuine care and freedom to create works and discuss criticisms in a professional and constructive way."

"Blake was excellent in guiding each workshop, and allowed for active conversations to turn into excellent feedback."

"Blake is an excellent instructor who inspires his students to make their writing as good as it possibly can be. He encourages his students to write about whatever they want, which puts the creativity in the hands of the students. No prompts were given, and I appreciated that."

"I liked it all."

"This course totally encouraged me as an aspiring writer. Blake does an excellent job of encouraging total class involvement; even the quietest student is encouraged to speak her mind, which aids in everyone's learning."

"Blake did an amazing job of demystifying the writing and publishing process. We're all better informed and still inspired."

"This class has really kindled a passion I have always had, but been too afraid of pursuing. With the workshop and classmates I have left the course really believing that anyone can be a writer if they pursue it earnestly and with a love for reading and writing. Thank you!"

"I truly enjoyed the fact that we were encouraged to write what we wanted to write. Blake's focus is on making what you want to express come out on the page. And by reading published material that didn't come from traditional set texts, it forced us to look at the quality of the writing more objectively. I wish more writing workshops were taught this way."

"Blake made for a great and encouraging teacher because he approached the class as a workshop leader and presented himself as a fellow writer who knew the path rather than a mere 'instructor.'"

"This course was great! I would take the class again as I believe there is so much more I could learn from this instructor."

"Blake is inspirational to work with."

"I took a fiction workshop with Blake and experienced the most informative class on writing. The workshop required that I write two stories and through Blake's positive critique of my work I learned what I was doing well and what needed improvement. The workshop inspired and encouraged me to continue with my collection of stories. I look forward to signing up for another workshop to further my journey as a writer."

"The quality of this class was great! The selected textbooks were great choices."

"Blake created a safe environment where many of us felt brave enough to push our limits, take some risks with our stories, and try something new. There was a frequent and open discussion initiated by the class about how different members of the class had been stretched and expanded. I am definitely a better writer having taken this course with Blake Kimzey."

"This is one of my favorite writing classes I've ever taken and will be taking it again. Everything I learned and accomplished was extremely valuable not only for my writing, but for my future career."

"This was a great course and I would definitely take it again!"

"The workshops were great. I liked the organization of them. I appreciated how polite everyone was. I was surprised that I could write and that people would have nice things to say about it. It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot. Most importantly, I gained the courage to write a whole story and have other people look at it. There was something about having to reading people's stories for their workshop that made me work harder than in other courses. Something about owing something to a particular person made me make sure I got my critiques done."

"This class was absolutely fantastic."

"Blake was probably one of the best instructors I have ever had. I love the workshop structure he has put in place and it was incredibly beneficial to me. I also liked learning how the local literary scene in Dallas looks, and how a writer can find an agent. Very helpful. SO overall, this class was a great experience."

"Desiree Cooper engaged in a lively and stimulating discussion of her work with the students. She is genuine and presents with honesty and empathy. The students felt truly enriched by the experience. Desiree Cooper truly is a gifted presenter who can captivate an audience with her warmth, wit, and authenticity."

“I've taken the eight-week workshop and the one-day setting seminar with TM De Vos and Kelsey Ronan. Both were excellent workshop instructors. I enjoyed the small, focused setting to hone my craft and support other writers.”

“I went into the Mixed Levels Fiction Workshop without a lot of fiction experience. Others in the workshop had more. The experience was still thoroughly positive. Our group moderator, T.M. De Vos, is an educator not only by trade but by nature. She led discussions about the writing we submitted and the outside reading she selected, blending each element of discussion into a productive whole. She had us do the bulk of analysis and guided us along the way to ensure each discussion was time well-spent.”

"I have had interest in writing a script for quite some time. And I did. But I felt I needed some kind of class to make certain I wrote a strong script. I thought I was already too advanced for Beginning Screenwriting. Man was I wrong. I am so happy I went ahead and took the beginner course with Ted Houser. A screenplay is like anything else mechanical. You can break it down piece by piece, each element must be there for it to run smoothly. After learning the engineering of a script, I found it so much easier to map out my story. I loved the class, I feel very confident I am on the right path, and I look forward to applying the lessons into my screenplay. Next, I will take Intermediate Screenwriting in October to further tighten up my story. So, if you have that inner writer in you, I'd recommend these classes so that you know without a doubt you are on the right track when you write your story. Very eye opening experience. Best of luck! I hope my testimonial helps :)"

“I really enjoyed the fiction workshop with Kelsey Ronan. The class bred great discussions and also helped me better identify my work and who I am as an artist. Thanks to the encouragement and new knowledge, I was able to walk away with the start of several stories. Fantastic experience!”

“I recently took the 8-week Intro to Memoir workshop with Kelsey Ronan. My experience was productive, instructive and wholly worthwhile. Kelsey was interested, engaged and clearly prepared for every session. She provided reading assignments, in-class writing prompts and two workshop sessions for each student, along with written critique. The critiques were insightful and thorough. I highly recommend Kelsey and encourage anyone seeking guidance and inspiration to take a class!”

“Kelsey was a wonderful facilitator and was extraordinary at giving feedback. Her positive and honest assessments were very helpful. Highly recommend!!”

"I always turn to Toni Cunningham first for feedback on narrative development and character development. She's both a strong writer and a very talented storyteller. Her editorial feedback on my work has been extremely helpful, and I would take any class or writing workshop she leads."

“Desiree Cooper's Turbo Powered Narratives was 3 hours packed with solid information, practical use examples and time to practice. Highly recommend these classes!”

"I took Allie Pleiter's workshop on time management for writers where she discussed her ‘Chunky Method’; the workshop was extremely engaging/worthwhile! I can't wait to implement this into my weekly schedule and hopefully finish some of the projects I've started!"

“Desiree Cooper's Turbo Powered Narratives was not only very informative, it was inspirational. The 3 hours flew by. It was wonderful. Thank you!”

“This past class with Kelsey was extremely valuable to me. I finally started a writing path that I had not been able to get started on my own. Kelsey was a wonderful, informative, compassionate instructor that took the stress out of writing. I am looking forward to the next round!”

“This workshop has assisted me in getting on task to finish my book project. Identifying what type of writing I am (the chunky method) is also beneficial now I must respect that and schedule my time accordingly. Allie Pleiter was friendly and a wealth of information. I will definitely participate in future classes.”

“Toni's Getting To The End workshop was great. She is very creative and made everything seem doable. She answered every question and even provided feedback. With no judgement! I showed my podcast partner my script and she was shocked that I thought of and wrote a complete five-page script in an afternoon. I was too!”

“The Turbo Powered Narratives Master Class was insightful and informative! I learned some great tips on writing. Loved Desiree Cooper’s point of view! Thanks for sharing your love of writing!”

"Ted has introduced me to a great community of writers in and around Detroit that have helped inspire and motivate me to recommit myself to my writing. I look forward to our monthly meetings and the ability to share and workshop my pages with other creatives who provide thoughtful and constructive feedback. I always come away from our meetings with a clearer vision of where I want my screenplay to go and a stronger drive to sit down and actually make it happen."

“Excellent content in Desiree Cooper’s Turbo Powered Narratives seminar. Loved this group!”

“I was touched by Desiree’s point of view and appreciate her ability to share how we find our own! Thanks for the inspiration!!”

"Regardless of where you are in your writing, having Desiree’s guidance will move you forward. She’s the rare working writer who is also an excellent teacher. Look at her background and you’ll see a woman with a skill set that is hard to match."

"As a storyteller and writer, Toni Cunningham is gifted at developing deep, poignant characters with multiple layers, flaws, and strengths. Characters whose motives drive interesting and thought-provoking plot lines. Her stories consistently go beyond just entertaining to express a statement of values in what has become her own unique narrative voice. Toni is my go-to for writing advice and feedback. She poses insightful questions, and provides careful, intentional, actionable feedback. My writing is better because of her!"

"I can always depend on Desiree to be insightful, interactive, engaging and profound. She skillfully deploys her fiction and essays to help audiences navigate gender, race and class. Whether in a room of four or four hundred, she creates a sense of intimacy and honesty that makes the hardest conversations possible."

"Ted Houser has built a community of screenwriters in Detroit who build each other up and help each other out. Not only does he know about film and how to teach the nuances of screenwriting and filmmaking, he also pushes those he teaches to build up their presentation skills and ability to speak eloquently about their stories. Having been in an ongoing workshop with Ted for over a year, I have benefited from his experience greatly."

“With a decade of film and television experience, Toni Cunningham was awarded a 2018 Kresge Artist Fellowship for her original and thought-provoking stories, as well as her fresh ideas on screenwriting and deep understanding of the nuances of writing short films. Toni is a dedicated teacher who has spent years providing writers from Detroit to Los Angeles with feedback and encouragement. Toni's creativity, experience, and passionate commitment to nurturing Detroit's screenwriting community offers workshop participants the opportunity to build both their confidence and their ability to craft characters, plots, and stories.”

"From the specific, encouraging feedback from instructors and students, to the wealth of literary info and writers' resources provided before/during/after class, to the valuable networking opportunities with a diverse group of courageous classmates, I have returned to my writing with renewed energy and -- BONUS! -- the local literary world has opened up to me through these workshops."

"Wonderful opportunity to be part of a literary community and a great workshop. I will be back again!"

"Desiree Cooper addresses important issues without being didactic or predictable, and she was an absolute pleasure to meet."

"I'm in a monthly writer's group that Ted has been running for the past two years, he's done a great job creating a consistent and reliable space to workshop scripts. He gives really thoughtful advice on our work without being overbearing. He was also really supportive once I wanted to shoot a script I had been working on in the group and helped get it on it's feet. I would definitely recommend his group to anyone!”

"Toni's close attention to detail, driving curiosity, and strong sense of story has made her an ideal critique partner for years now. She's been able to zero in to the very gut of any essay I turn over to her and make insightful observations that always push me towards a better draft. I find myself seeking her writing advice again and again, and consider myself so privileged to be able to learn from her."

"I took a Fiction Writing Class and couldn't be more impressed. The instruction and materials were great. Additionally, it got me out of my shell and pushed me to start writing. Can't thank WWD and the group of writers that took the class with me enough."

"I’m still using what I learned from Desiree! And, her fun, passionate, kind spirit has been my companion on my darkest writing days. Equally, I’m inspired by how hard she works at her own writing. Desiree knows what she wants, makes it happen and models the same for all of us in her life. She’s a generous colleague. You’ll enjoy your time with her. I know I did."

"Desiree Cooper has a whole lot to say. I got to scratch her surface during a writing workshop she gave last year. It included several talks about writing, gender, and race, delivered in the context of her own gorgeous written work. She is witty, engaging, and utterly comfortable at the podium. She looks her audience right in the eye, delivers the goods with directness. She is collaborating with her audience as she talks to them. You want to know her, or maybe just ask her a question so she’ll keep talking, because she is so darn interesting and lively and utterly approachable."

“The quality of the workshop, the suggested reads, the mix and number of participants were all perfect. The discussions taught me so much. I missed it as soon as it ended and I cannot recommend the workshops highly enough.

"I took my first writing workshop and I loved it. The teacher was professional, helpful and engaging. The content was relevant. I will definitely attend more in the future."

"I was somewhat 'stuck' in my writing journey and the publishing workshop definitely helped me to refocus, re-energize, and get moving again! Fantastic workshop."